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Weed better not: Marijuana should remain criminal

Marijuana, no matter how common its use may be, should remain illegal to possess and use.

The case for marijuana has been an extensive one. Most people have rather distinct feelings on the subject, saying it either should or should not be criminal. Many who believe it should be decriminalized say it should be done for medical purposes and those against it often cite the damages it does to the human body.

Marijuana is a term for part of the Cannabis plant. Properties of Cannabis lead to the production of dopamine, the chemical in the brain responsible for making people “feel good,” according to Live Science. Marijuana is said to cause a relaxing feeling, numb the mind and ease pain.

Those who want the drug to be decriminalized are often supporters of its use in medicine. Marijuana has been given to cancer patients and those with other illnesses that cause extreme pain as a way to ease their ailments. It is also said to help with nausea and anxiety, although none of these claims have been studied enough, according to Live Science.

Marijuana, if properly regulated, distributed and researched, could possibly be used in medical practice, but because of the harm it can unleash on the human body, recreational use should remain criminal.

Research has shown that teens who smoke marijuana suffer from impaired thinking and coordination and can have lower IQ’s later in life, according to Live Science.

The use of the drug has also been linked to mental illnesses such as schizophrenia, according to Live Science.

Marijuana is also said to cause a change in mood, body movement, the perception of senses, thinking and difficulty with problem solving, according to drugabuse.gov. The mental effects of marijuana can also include hallucinations and paranoia.

Physically, the effects of using marijuana are also damaging. It can have the same effects on the lungs as smoking cigarettes. This includes coughing, phlegm build up and an increased chance of developing lung illnesses, although it is not certain if smoking marijuana runs a higher risk of having lung cancer.

Marijuana usage could also increase the risk for having a heart attack, as it increases heart rate. It can also be extremely problematic if a pregnant woman were to use it, as it increases the chance for her baby to have physical brain damage due to difficulty developing, according to drugabuse.org.

Many people who use marijuana use it as a relaxant. Many college students experiment with the use of drugs to aid in decreasing stress. Using marijuana as a release from reality may momentarily numb the mind but it could eventually lead to causing the very stress that requires it.

Some people say marijuana is not like other drugs- other drugs are manufactured while marijuana is a plant- and that it is not as dangerous to use.

Marijuana is like the mind’s cigarette. Cigarettes contain tobacco, a plant, which may not seem harmful, but can lead to the most common kind of cancer.

Although the physical effects of marijuana may not be as damaging as other substances, its mental toll is great. Marijuana, if properly studied and regulated, could perhaps one day be integrated into modern medicine as a treatment for pain or anxiety.

Until the day science can soundly prove that the effect it has on the human mind is not as dangerous as previously thought it should be considered criminal to both possess and use.

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  1. Well there it is. The stupidest thing I’ve seen all week.

  2. What BULL Jeff! Idiot!

  3. There are over 100 preclinical studies on PUBMED that prove THC, CBD, and CBN from marijuana kill cancer cells, also stated on cancer.gov, the website of the national cancer institute.
    But no human studies have been performed to prove this, because it’s illegality under the law has prevented it.
    So, a possible cure for cancer has been ignored, because of opinions like this.
    Furthermore, at least one quarter of the population will seek to be intoxicted, no matter what morality is preached to them. 20,000 people DIE of alcohol overdose each year, Because the law only allows this intoxicant. Marijuana kills no one.
    Unless Allstate come out in favor of alcohol prohibition, this opinion is dangerous, because alcohol kills.
    Such stupidity has caused me to forever reject Allstate for auto, home or health insurance.

  4. Its good to have discussions like this. We are about to legalize marijuana for recrational use in Canada with new laws being introduced in 2017 and actual legalization happening in 2018. The upcoming legalization has been very helpful in terms of stimulating meaningful study, conversation and discussion around marijuana and its pros and cons. The liberal government specifically said that they are legalizing and regulating it to protect young people from its potential harms. Now legalization might seem counter intuitive but with marijuana illegal Canada still has amongst the highest marijuana use amongst young people in the developed world. Legalization and regulation will help control potency, purity and availability. And the current discussion involves a great deal of consideration of young people’s attitudes toward marijuana use and best ways to educate.
    Legalization I believe is the right thing to to because the War on Drugs has been a failure and the harm of criminallization is greater than the potential harms of cannabis use itself. Money can be diverted from enforcement and criminal justice to education. Many of the points this writer made have some validity but don’t justify continued prohibition. We now have lots of scientific and longitudinal evidence and studies to demonstrate use by young people while their brains are still in the process of maturing is not recommended. THC is a potent chemical (part of the reason for its medicinal value and benefits) and it can be disruptive in the development and maturation of the brain. Impacts on mental health are a definite concern especially with products high in THC. Cannabis is not benign. It has great value as a medicine and an alternative to other drugs and we are now learning this. It is a tool and a medicine and should be used with wisdom and restraint. That is the best scenario. But Legalization with Education and Regulation is far preferable to continued Prohibition. Educate youth with facts and science and apply the same scrutiny to alcohol we are now applying to marijuana. Neither is harmless and studying and assessing them together is useful especially for people who come up with argument “Well alcohol is far worse.” Maybe it is and maybe it isn’t. It really depends who is using it.
    A Canadian Friend