Technology today offers many benefits for the community on many levels, including education.

One of the primary academic support systems in our contemporary times is tutoring, which comes in different forms, including online.

For APSU students, most are familiar with the scheduled tutoring provided by the Academic Support Center at the Marks Building.

However, the ASC is now providing online tutoring for students who perhaps prefer the screen over face-to-face learning.

The APSU website states: “In a partnership between the Academic Support Center and Distance Education, Austin Peay State University now offers an online tutoring service for current students through”

This service will provide students with various courses to take that will be provided 24/7, 361 days per year.

The service also allows students to access these online tutoring sessions by using their mobile browser.

Like many things provided online, many people have come to prefer to do their learning by the internet rather than traditional face-to-face learning.

The Princeton Review says that there are benefits of online tutoring which include deciding when and where, more experts and saving time and money.

Online tutoring can provide many benefits for students who have a tight schedule that makes them unsure if they will be able to attend personal sessions.

Easy access to online materials to gain academic progression is a popular and effective method in the contemporary world.

Online tutoring also provides a variety of teachers for various subjects.

Just as there is a wide range of courses being taught on the college campus, it is the same with online tutors who expect a variety of students to come to them for help on various subjects.

Personal funding for education is a major concern for many college students in the U.S.

Most things that are required for fulfilling academic requirements in American colleges bring a lot of money out of one’s wallet, but this is not so with online tutoring.

Like APSU’s Writing Center and Peer Tutoring, the online tutoring services will provide free sessions for students.

One of the things that make face-to-face tutoring popular is the personal interaction students have with their mentors, and so many assume that online tutoring lacks this convenience.

However, this is not so for many who partake in online tutoring.

Online tutoring can provide students with tutors that are personally interactive and interested in their students’ participation and progress.

The online tutors, like face-to-face tutors, can provide students with assistance and suggestions as to how they can manage their schoolwork and maintain a proper grade.

This is why many online tutoring websites come with many additional items, specifically ones that are given to provide authentic interaction such as chat features, interactive whiteboards, file sharing tools and more.

APSU’s new online-tutoring service in this way offers all the same resources as in-person tutoring from the convenience of your own home.

However, if you still prefer to learn with a tutor in person, don’t worry, APSU still provides its students with face-to-face tutoring through its Peer Tutoring program, the Writing Center and the Structured Learning Assistance.

APSU’s online tutoring program will not provide students with assistance on academic writings or anything associated with essays, because this is exclusively provided by the Writing Center.

To find out more about the online tutoring program or any of APSU’s tutoring programs, visit the APSU website.

Editor’s Note: This article had changes made to a sentence that was misleading about APSU’s online tutoring program. The article meant to state that they did not offer the service because the Writing Center does.