There is no such thing as being an ally to any group. There is being a decent human being and pushing for equality no matter what happens.

By admitting that biases exist, people can begin to see the world in a different way. Everyone is influenced by racism in this society, which is why everyone has to actively and consciously unlearn their own racism – especially in the South. 

According to Calvin Lai, a postdoctoral researcher at Harvard University, a significant idea that has been noted in many studies done over the last 60 to 70 years about bias is that contact with diverse groups reduces prejudices.

This means that in order to continue to undo the biased system we live in, everyone must continue to encourage diversity in different areas like workplaces and political parties.

White people have got to acknowledge that there is still inequality today. Some people still have more privileges than others, but that does not mean it is a single person’s fault. Privilege suggests that the society we live in placed value in certain characteristics that some people have.

Privilege does not mean you didn’t struggle. Privilege means that white people did not have to suffer for being white like black people do. Acknowledging that privilege exists and that someone may have it is hard. It makes some people feel guilty, but it’s not about them. 

If someone feels bad that they are privileged, then use the privilege to further equality so that maybe someday there will cease to be privileges based on the lightness of skin tone.

White people can use their privilege to speak out in spaces that are typically unwelcoming to black people. Spread awareness about black issues by using the ability to enter those spaces and speak out. By not speaking out against racism, people become a player in this racist system. If people stay silent, they let racism continue to happen.

Speak up if someone is being paid less than you or your boss only hires white people. Speak up when your relative says some racist stuff. Speak up when you notice someone being unjustly treated for being black. Speaking up is the key to moving forward.

White voices should not drown out black voices though. In movements like Black Lives Matter, black people’s voices matter more than white voices. So when black people talk about issues, listen to what is wrong and what still needs to be improved.

Also, if someone needs a black person to treat them nice in order to support equal rights, then they are racist. If someone really cares about equality, how a single person or a couple of people treats them should not affect whether or not they think they should have rights and fair treatment.

Actively try to be a better person than the day before and push others to do the same.