Ashley Thompson | Features Writer

Taking risk can be a scary task and growing obsessions both good or bad play a big part of the creative arts field. A visiting artist, Bryony Gomez-Palacio, talked about Risk, Obsession, and Attachment in a lecture in the MUC room 307 on Thursday, April 7.

At the lecture Palacio discussed the works created by her husband and herself for business as well as conferences held in different cities each year. She went over the process of creating their projects and how risk was a huge part of a lot of their goals. “Risk is scary but when you realize it’s okay, it’s a lot easier to take steps towards a reward. You always have something to take home from it. Even if it’s just the fact that you tried to take the risk,” Palacio said.

Palacio talked about how fear should not control whatever goal you have in mind, that is important to embrace fear and possible failures.

“I’m dating this artist right now and we’ve thought about pursuing an art career like hers. Just hearing the lecture about her obsessions with the ideas of her work, was so inspiring. I want to be that motivated,” junior Fine Arts major Danielle Marvel said.

There is always a possibility of failure in dreams or goals but Palacio said fear “produces adrenaline and that enables you to focus.”

She emphasized that with art projects or any obsession you might have it is important to make it personal. Whenever you present your creation it makes a huge difference if its personal.

In her lecture, Palacio mainly discussed these ideas of risk, obessions, and attachment and how they all tie together in life. Her works were all created through these risk, and obsessions for a distinct, unique creation. “Obsessive thinking can be magical,” Palacio said.

Palacio mentioned a lot about how she is a scheduler and how a lot of her projects and goals have to be mapped out.

“What she said about planning ahead really pays off stuck out to me. How a smile could make all the struggle worth it when someone connects and has that understanding with your work,” sophomore graphic design major Kimberly Sikkema said.

“Her lecture really inspired me to invest more time into my crafts,” sophomore Fine Arts major Ka’Shenia Sanders said.

Palacio mainly ended on the note that, “Out of failures you learn. It is okay to plan to fail.”

She discussed her works in a full lecture room and really described the key importance of risk, obsession, and attachment and how you balance those in life or your career field.

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