The Unathletics went against their team’s title on Wednesday, Oct. 14, defeating the Block-Busters to earn an APSU intramural volleyball championship.

Led by Peyton White, Eryn Nelson, Michael Fair and Haleigh Roby, the club managed to best their competition in four sets. The Block-Busters and Unathletics were individually ranked first and third heading into the tournament out of the school-record 30 teams that participated.

In the team’s three won sets, White and company outscored the Block-Busters by an average of 11 points. With the win, the Unathletics and Block-Busters finish their season at 6-2 and 7-2, respectively.

Intramural sports & sport clubs coordinator Anja Shelton was grateful for the opportunity to host a season of athletics that resembled some sense of normalcy.

“I’ve been satisfied,” she said. “Just to have one session of sports go, because, at some point, I didn’t think we’d have any season at all. I didn’t put the schedule out for our next set of offerings. I didn’t put that out early enough, because I was like ‘Who knows if we’re going to make it there?’”

Volleyball was allowed to have a season in relatively normal fashion, as compared to the other sports offered in the fall. The recent pause initiated by APSU for all fraternities and sororities caused a ripple effect throughout the remaining session one sports. As a result, ultimate frisbee was forced to move their scheduled championship back from its original start date.

As a whole, Shelton has been impressed with the way intramurals have functioned throughout their first session. Despite an early hiccup in the ultimate frisbee league, the clubs have been able stay healthy and plan to continue to do so when beginning the second phase of athletics. Activities offered in the second session include: dodgeball, outdoor soccer and flag football. Registration for said events expires on Thursday, Oct. 22.

“I hope so,” Shelton added on her confidence level for the upcoming session. “We have double the amount of students in quarantine this week than we did last week. That’s kind of discouraging. I play on the fact that, I’d rather have an organized event going on than to allow all of the free play that’s going on.

“I think people get why we’re doing it. They’re understanding it. I would rather have intramurals going on than to have the students participating in free play.”