101st Airborne is once more getting sent overseas to fight what seems to be a never-ending war. Fathers, mothers, sisters, brothers and children are getting deployed out. As you say goodbye to your loved ones for the time being, you are spreading yourself thin with worry, wondering if President Trump has your family’s well-being at heart and if you made the right decision with your election vote.

In the eight years which former President Barack Obama held the commander in chief position, the army originally held around 570,000 soldiers verses a cut which brought the size down to 490,000. He had a goal that the they would be cut to 450,000 by the year 2018, according to PolitiFact.

Within President Donald Trump’s presidency he has proposed future policies that plan to build an active army of about 540,000 according to Fox News. In his next years he has the mindset to slowly build the army as well as other branches back to the level of which they held before the decrease.

In the fiscal year of 2015, the discretionary spending budget was $1.1 trillion, according to nationalpriorities.org. Divided among the budget were things such as food and agriculture, which was 1 percent Medicare, health at 6 percent and the military stands holding 54 percent. Although this may seem aggressive or overspending when broken down to the number spent on each issue, it still is not enough to support the troops.

In 2015 budget allowed the military $598.5 billion according to the national priorities project. With President Trump handling the military, the budget was fairly adjusted to support the soldiers to $824.6 billion, according to thebalance.com.

When you watch your loved one step foot on a plane, you are worried sick for the nine months they are away. You as a family member, citizen or solider want to ensure that when our brave men and women leave, they will come home.

President Trump has said things that are unforgettable and inappropriate, yet he is the man who we entrust with the finest young men and women of our country. He has made a promise to America that he will ensure everything that can be done is being done for their safety.

Alongside the policy to build the army, he also intends to build the marine corps based on 36 battalions, build a navy of 350 surface ships and submarines and build an Air Force that stands with at least 1,200 fighter aircraft, according to fox news.

As a daughter of a retired infantry man and a sister of an upcoming field artillery officer, I will support the leader of our country, as he intends to bring my loved ones back home.