From the company behind “Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic II: The Sith Lords” and “Fallout: New Vegas,” comes Obsidian Entertainment’s new open-world role-playing game titled “The Outer Worlds.”

“The Outer Worlds” takes place in an alternate futuristic setting where many large corporations have vastly grown throughout the galaxy.

The playable character, who can be customized at the player’s choice, was part of a colonization mission along with other residents of Earth on a ship called “The Hope,” where the residents are put into cryosleep during the journey. 

However, something happened during “The Hope’s” journey which caused the ship to be lost in space along with the rest of the passengers who were still cryogenically frozen. 

About 100 years later, a scientist by the name of Phineas Welles came across the ship and woke the player character from cryosleep. 

Welles was unable to save the rest of the passengers due to the lack of what the ship and its mainframe had, so in order to unfreeze his or her fellow passengers, the player goes out on a quest throughout the galaxy to find the resources needed to save them, where anything can happen throughout the journey.

With many calling it “‘Fallout’ in Space,” the game shares many traits from Bethesda’s ‘Fallout’ games, specifically the 2010 title ‘Fallout: New Vegas,’ which was also developed by Obsidian Entertainment but was heavily improved.

For one thing, as previously stated the player can create their own character from the beginning of the game, giving them their own appearance along with customizing the skill set in the beginning to decide how the characters skill build will be at the player’s choice and can upgrade those skills as they level up throughout the game.

The player is open to a variety of quests which can lead them to different missions and, depending on what decisions the player makes throughout that quest, will affect the local factions of the planet or factions that are around the entire galaxy such as “Spacer’s Choice” and will affect the players reputation with the faction.

Every choice has consequences, whatever action the player does may support one faction but will hurt the other, the player will be loved by one faction and have a high reputation but will be hated by another faction, which adds replay value to the game.

One of the most interesting aspects of the game is the companions, which the player character will recruit over the course of the game.

Watch the trailer for ‘The Outer Worlds’ below.

These characters don’t just offer extra covering fire for the player, but also have their own personalities and can develop a friendly relationship to the player depending on certain actions and quests for them, making them connect with the player.

The player has a variety of different weapons such as melee and firearms, each with their own stats and can be upgraded with different modifications in addition to finding higher-level weapons with better stats, the weapons also wear down over time as they are used so they are required to be repaired over time.

One mechanic which was added to the game was an ability called “Tactical Time Dilation.” 

At the beginning of the story, it was mentioned that the player awakening from being in cryosleep for so long had particular effects on the player character, as their “brain processes time differently,” according to Welles.

Inspired by the “V.A.T.S.” mechanic from the “Fallout” games, this ability not only slows downtime for the player making the enemies slower, but also deals more damage to the enemy and obtain information about the individual they are targeting.

In addition, when certain body parts of the enemy such as the head, arms or legs are targeted, damaging them will leave crippling effects on the enemy, putting them at a disadvantage.

“The Outer Worlds” truly is the space RPG many fans of sci-fi adventures dreamed of.

The player is open to a vast galaxy of adventures where they can visit different planets on board the ship “The Unreliable.”

In addition, the player has the freedom to choose whoever and whatever they choose to be.

The player can be a bounty hunter, intergalactic mercenary or even a hero, with the player having complete freedom on how they wish to play the game.

Obsidian never fails to amaze when it comes to making new adventures, as this game will most likely have the same recognition as the “Fallout” series.