Students wishing to get ahead or catch up on their credits are taking summer courses here at APSU.

Students are taking the initiative to get ahead of their timelines for graduation while some are playing catch up and taking classes to remain on track.

Summer classes were made available to the students of APSU on the first day of registration for the upcoming semester.

Students do not have to fill out a separate application for the summer classes as there is no longer a separate application.

The Office of Financial Aid has changed the entire process to apply for financial aid over the summer by making registering the act of applying for aid.

According to Johnathan Button, Associated Director of Financial Aid, there is not a separate application for summer financial aid.  “Students register for courses and the system automatically goes in, looks at the registration and creates a budget and tells us how much money that a student’s cap would be for the summer.”

Then, the office has a process to determine Pell, the Lottery process, and the distribution of loans.

The office will determine the student’s status for loans and see who is eligible based on their registration and other financial aid factors.

The most important thing for students do in order to take summer classes is to register.

“If students want to know more information, our financial aid website has a summer section, and they can go on there and read all of the information.” said Button.

Students can read more about the registration requirements for the Pell grant, Lottery scholarship, and loans on the financial aid website’s summer section.