Students gathered in the Morgan University Center room 305 to get a taste of the skies they could travel and the cultures they could immerse themselves in at the Study Abroad Fair on Thursday, Sept. 22.

Visitors were given maps, information sheets, and stamp cards and let loose on the congregation of tables representing study abroad programs, exchange programs and financial aid. There were programs available for students to travel to Japan, Greece, Italy and more.

“I know there’s a lot of reservations about students studying abroad because of the paperwork, the thinking and the obstacles students have to go through when really that’s not the case,” junior English major Ashley Kohel said.

Many students working the tables were students with prior involvement in the program, and were working the tables to share their experiences.

“I worked the fair itself to scan people’s cards and give out T-shirts last year, and this year I get to sit behind a table and represent one, now that I’ve gone abroad,” Kohel said.

Each table had information about their individual trip, what could be done during that trip and how to move forward in signing up for the experience. Once students were finished, they submitted their names for a study abroad scholarship raffle if they gathered at least three stamps from tables they visited.

“I think it’s an exciting opportunity and something everyone should take advantage of,” junior business major Jennifer Velazquez said.

Any student who wishes to start the process of signing up for a study abroad trip or learn more about what a certain trip might cost should go to the International Student Center.

“Once you actually do it, you start seeing that there’s not a lot to be scared of,” Kohel said. “The office is really helpful, they do everything they can to make sure you go on this trip.”

Students who are worried that they could not find a class capable of contributing towards their degrees are encouraged to bring up the possibility with the International Student Center.

“When trying to sign up to study abroad expect a lot of support, encouragement and guidance,” Kohel said. “They will work with you. Going to the study abroad fair is just the first step. Going to show your interest is one thing, but actually going and following through is a completely different experience. There’s just no way you can regret this.”