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“India just now, I think this week, decriminalized gay sex. Which is great, and I am really excited for India… but it’s just really frustrating that it is just now happening in 2018. A lot of people say that queer people have a lot now. They just want to cut us off, as if we have enough already.  They just want us to be happy with what we have, but I don’t think they understand it [the situation] is still not great. There is a lot of people tell us queer people in the states that we should just shut up and go away because of the fact we are allowed to marry now. That should be good enough [for us].  For whatever reason, people think that [marriage] is universal code for equal and ethical treatment.”

“Even just being gay is illegal a lot of countries and there are literal countries where [queer] people will get arrested just for existing, if not killed. It just blows my mind that other people don’t get that. I am really excited for India though. This is a breakthrough.”

“Even for being gay in the states, there are still a lot of people who are against it. There are people that actively fight against any sort of queer marriage. Not even men loving men, or women loving women – any kind of person that does not fit into the [traditional] typical idea of a man or a woman.”

“With the legalization in India, queer people are still going to face a lot of shit. Just because it is legal now does not mean people are okay with it. A lot of people are going to lose their families, home, I mean everything just because who they love. Yeah, it’s a big step with India but we must keep pushing, keep supporting. Not ‘we’ as in Americans, but ‘we’ as in people. I just really hope queer people in India are protected.”