So, I hear Tennessee has completely shut down because of the snow. The pictures on Facebook of the empty bread shelves at local Krogers really were a nice touch.

Washington, D.C., does not handle snow well, either. I’m not sure why, because they have at least three big snows per year.

Valentine’s Day was also last week and kicked off the Snowmageddon. Guess who did not do anything? Me. I sat and watched all of the Harry Potter movies with bottomless hot chocolate and strawberries. Sounds like a nice weekend, right?

But back to this snow, I am so sick of it and I was really never a fan, even when I was younger.

I just do not find the excitement in freezing my face off outside if you have the option to stay indoors. Call me a loser, but I do not care: Being indoors is 100 percent better.

The snow is everywhere here, though, and people really get a kick out of it. Especially the people in my program who are from places like Brazil and Puerto Rico. They were the first ones to run outside to feel the frigid, body-numbing cold.

The only reason I would brave these unbelievably low temperatures would be walking to work or the grocery store, because money and food are very important. Grocery stores within five minutes of your home are probably one of the most convenient things the city has to offer, so I can dig it.


But unlike Tennessee, people here can still pretty much function in the snow.

It honestly does not slow anyone down like it does back home. If anything, it makes people move faster because they want to get where they are going even more quickly than before.

I have come to realize that I am not someone who is in a hurry to get anywhere. I do not run for the metro, nor do I run down sidewalks to make it to work. I basically take my time and hope for the best.

I have gained better time management skills here. I feel like when you are in college, being late is an issue for most professors, but the majority really do not care. So, coming from an environment where being tardy does not really have repercussions to a job where if I am late I could be fired is a big adjustment. I leave early enough that I do not have to rush to get anywhere.

Plus, I’m starting to enjoy the mysteries of this city. Granted, I still am not going out in this cold anytime soon, but I do know when it gets warm, I will travel everywhere.