Student Government Association’s (SGA) election committee, established earlier this semester, is investigating how SGA can be more involved with promoting civic engagement.

Currently, the committee is looking at ways to work with the American Democracy project on campus.

The American Democracy Project (ADP) is a network of 296 state colleges and universities focused on public higher education’s role in preparing the next generation of informed, engaged citizens for our democracy.

“Hopefully there’s an idea proposed to set up a board of representatives from different organizations on campus including student government so that we can coordinate together on moving forward,” College of Education Senator Brooklynn White said.

The SGA also discussed nominations for the APSU National Alumni Association Distinguished Professor Award. There are five possible nominees they have chosen.

Professor Wallace Cross who teaches history was recommended.

“He goes out of his way to work with students and help students and he’s a blind professor himself, so I just can’t say enough about him. He’d bend over backward to help a student,” Graduate Senator Bill Cody said.

Professor Meagan Mann who teaches chemistry was also recommended.

“She to will go out of her way to help students. She answers emails all the way up to midnight pretty much. She responds back anytime to help with any problems stays back after class for about 10-15 minutes until her next class to answer any questions,” College of STEM Senator Elliot Reed said. “And if you are not understanding it she opens up extra time outside of her own office hours just to help you understand anything you want. She also cares for you personally if anything is going on with your life she is there to help you and she’s just overall an amazing person.”

Professor Robin Reed who also teaches chemistry was recommended for the award as well.

“He’s really helpful and he always goes out of his way to make sure everyone’s understanding and also breaks everything down. He’s one of the best chemistry professors that I’ve had. He just makes everything make sense, and he does care about students and makes sure that they have what they need,” College of STEM Senator Michelle Park said.

Professor Brian Hock who teaches psychology was recommended.

“He just does stuff inside the class as well as a bunch of labs outside the class, and I feel like he just prepares his students very well if they wanna go to graduate school or their major and he’s just very helpful. So, I want to nominate him,” College of Behavioral Health and Science Senator Lauren Wood said.

Professor Grace Moodt who teaches nursing was also recommended.

“Even though she is very straight to the point she is always there willing to help, and just being a nursing student I just really appreciate her kindness and her being really real because it’s not easy and just having a professor like her to be there as a teacher and a friend is very touching,” College of Behavioral Health Science Senator Iva Rubio said. “So I’m sure all of the candidates are like this I just really wanted to nominate her as well cause I think she’s very deserving of this.”

APSU National Alumni Association Distinguished Professor Award is based on professional performance with a major emphasis on teaching. The recipient shall be a full-time tenured faculty member or a department chair and shall have completed a minimum of ten years of continuous full-time teaching at Austin Peay State University.

Faculty who are on leaves of absence for authorized reasons during the minimum ten-year continuous full-time teaching period (for example, professional development leave, maternity leave, etc.) shall still be considered eligible for the award.