The Student Government Association (SGA) hosted the Presidential Debate Watch Party last Tuesday on Sept. 29, 2020.

The watch party featured a live recording of the Presidential Debate between presidential candidates Donald Trump and Joe Biden.

The SGA also joined the campus on AP Day this past weekend to present some of the resources offered on campus.

Along with past events, the SGA will soon be hosting a pumpkin carving contest. Student organizations can carve a pumpkin and the SGA will select the 10 best pumpkins to be placed on display.

President Kito Aruh also proposed a budget proposal that was passed by senators. The budget proposal moves $8,000 from the Professional Development category to the Operational Expenses Category in the SGA budget.

Aside from events and operations, the SGA also swore in Senator Nancy Beth Cook into the Junior Senator position.

Senator Cook acquired this position through an interview process rather than an election.

Senator Willam Cody also proposed a resolution to send a formal letter of recommendation to the University Curriculum Committee requesting that American Sign Language become incorporated as an accredited course for foreign language.