Student Governent elections will open Monday, March 30 until Wednesday, April 1.

During the Student Government Association meeting Wednesday, March 19, SGA discussed resolutions and acts, and a student voiced her concerns.

Student Mariah Grant spoke on an issue regarding handicap parking. “As a handicapped veteran, parking in the commuter parking lots is too far for me,” Grant said. “Every day, I am forced walk long distances because those who are not handicapped are taking the spots for the students who actually are.” The student requested more handicapped parking spaces on campus. In response, Sen. Austin McKain said, “Thank you for voicing your concern.”

SGA presented two resolutions. Resolution No. 19, sponsored by Sen. Chad Plummer, aims to create a better walking path for students entering the Sundquist Science Complex. The resolution will send a formal letter of recommendation to the Campus Safety and Roads Committee suggesting they pave a sidewalk exiting Sundquist onto Eighth Street.

Sen. Blaine Gunderson sponsored Resolution No. 20, which concerns the safety of students, faculty and staff walking across roads. The resolution will send a formal letter of recommendation to the Physical Plant asking to paint a crosswalk near Marion Street connecting Greek Village to Castle Heights Residence Hall.

In new business, two acts were discussed. Act No. 4, sponsored by Sen. Ryan Honea, adds proper subsections for equal representation of colleges throughout the senate. Current senators will not lose their positions due to this act, but will rather be “grandfathered” in. The reapportionment will take effect in the 2016 spring election.

Act No. 5 was introduced, which requires a biannual committee to research numbers for reapportionment to preserve equality in SGA. Pres. Zac Gillman explained the Scholarship Task Force. In his meeting with President Alisa White, a concern with the scholarship process was disclosed. According to Gillman, White said, “Devoloping the STF will hopefully lead to a more efficient scholarship system.”

Executive Secretary Brena Andring declared Sen. Zach Puckett Senator of the Month. TAS