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SGA Fall Elections winners announced

SGA’s Fall Elections ended with the election of five freshman senators and two graduate senators. The freshman senators-elect are Haley Adkison, Haley Palmeri, Cameron Peña, Joseph Spear and Ella Weiss, and the graduate senators-elect are Rebecca Jacks and former SGA President Will Roberts.

The senators-elect will assume their senatorial roles after their swearing in at the next SGA meeting on Wednesday, Sept 14.

Roberts did not run for the graduate senator seat and all of his votes were write-ins. He may decline the position, and if he does the next runner up, Erika Adams, will assume the role of graduate senator if she accepts.

The election saw an increase in voters from last year, rising from 538 to 597.

The vote totals for the winners and next runner ups are as follows:

Freshman Senator

Cameron Pena 268

Ella Weiss 171

Joseph Spear 144

Haley Palmeri 132

Haley Adkison 125

Rhylie Erdmann 117

Graduate Senator

Rebecca Jacks 33

Will Roberts 15

Erika Adams 2

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