SGA Senators Chris Hayes and Molly Silkowski proposed three new pieces of legislation during the SGA meeting on Wednesday, Oct. 30.

Resolution No. 5 aims to create voting records for senators. The speaker pro tempore will be responsible for keeping the records.

Resolution No. 6 proposes expanding legislation responsibilities for senators, stating they must write “at least one piece of legislation per term” and “a set number of legislative pieces outlined in the standing rules.”

Lastly, Resolution No. 7 proposes requiring the SGA president to defend his or her reasoning behind a veto, also enabling legislation to be “enacted automatically” if the president does not sign or veto an act.

Faculty Advisor Gregory Singleton said the demolition of Governors Stadium is scheduled for Wednesday, Nov 20, the day after APSU’s last football game.

As a result of the construction, “major streets will be closed for about a year,” Singleton said. Summer Street will be permanently closed.

Singleton said APSU will be “losing 140 green parking spots in front of the stadium.”

However, according to Singleton, two new gravel lots will be available during the construction, though they won’t make up for all the lost spots.

Singleton said the new stadium construction is scheduled to take about a year.

Vice President Jessi Dillingham thanked SGA members who helped during GHOST, which occurred on Sunday, Oct 27. Dillingham said the “cleanup was the fastest I’ve ever seen it.”

According to Singleton, the G.H.O.S.T. event was “the largest we’ve ever had” with an estimated 5,500 people attending.

“Everything just went really, really well,” Dillingham said.

When Dillingham asked for recommendations for improvement on G.H.O.S.T., Senator Daniel Pitts suggested there be lines or arrows guiding people so they know where to walk rather than relying on a “mob mentality.”

Senator Jed Dugger also suggested judging organizations’ booths should be optional due to the long judging process.

Senator Keyana Peebles was announced as October’s senator of the month.

India Fain, representing the department of behavioral and health sciences, was sworn in as a senator with the oath of office led by Chief Justice Kelsey Smith.

Hayes said Resolution No. 4 was vetoed because it was not signed in time. The senate recalled the legislation and passed it unanimously.

Hayes also recommended senators look through past legislation while writing their own to be sure they do not repeat former bills that could be amended.

Singleton gave dates for next year’s Homecoming, the football game falling on Nov. 8, 2014. Mudbowl is scheduled for the last weekend in September, coinciding with Family Weekend. G.H.O.S.T. is scheduled for the last Sunday in October.