The Student Government Association (SGA) executive council welcomed Senators back from spring break. A guest speaker from the Advancement Office came to speak about Govs Give. The Senate gave a final vote on the library security cameras, passed resolution 20 and reviewed Act 4.

Sam Myhnier is the Assistant Director of Annual Giving. Myhnier spoke about Days of Giving a.k.a. Govs Give. The event will run from April 8 to April 11. Myhnier asked the Senators to please contribute to Govs Give as ambassadors.

The meeting continued with the Executive Council (EC) reports. Secretary Hailee Crawford encouraged Senators to submit their legislation as soon as possible. Chief Justice Ashlyn Whittaker reported that Senators are required to work voting booths. Booths for the Spring Election will be held on April 2 to 4. She also encouraged Senators to reapply for Senate positions. Wanting more applicants, Whittaker said, “Stick it out. Do it another year. It’s fun.”

Vice President Trenton Denton announced that there are open Senate seats. EC reports concluded with President Courtney Covington. He reminded the Senate about the Big Event, which will be April 6.

During Old Business, Resolution 20 was motioned to adopt. Senator William Cody created this resolution to help APSU’s S.O.S. Food Pantry. The resolution gives a one time gift of $1,500 to the organization. In summarizing the resolution, Senator Cody said, “They got a ton of vegetables, but don’t have the meat, the potatoes, the bread.”

In agreement to Cody, Senator Jaden Davidson said,  “I think this is a good idea. The way the Center for Learning works is that most of the time they get their food through donations. That’s bits and pieces here and there.” Resolution 20 was passed unanimously.

The Senate then addressed the long-debated issue of library security cameras. The Senators were presented with the choice of funding the project fully, funding the 2nd floor only or not funding it at all. The Senate voted to fund the 2nd floor only.

Onto New Business, Senator Gabriel Spring read Act 4 in its entirety. Act 4 calls for an amendment to the SGA bylaws. If the act is passed, then the SGA president will be required to report the budget to the Senate.

The SGA meeting adjourned at 5:17 p.m.