Graphic by Ricky Birchfield | The All State

Here at The All State some of us are getting ready for the new year in a familiar way: New Years’ resolutions. Get to know some of our writers and their resolutions as we ring in 2024.

Staff writer Abigail Krieg’s resolution is to push themselves out of their comfort zone and better themself physically and mentally. 

Photographer Carlee Klutts said her resolution is, “to be more confident and to be more grateful for the little things in life.”

Staff writer Abigail McKenna is resolving not to fall into stagnation, saying “In 2024, my goal is to develop intrinsic motivation and hopefully try and keep myself on track.” She also said she’s going to try and rely on herself to keep in check, instead of others.

Anabelle Coker, staff writer and social media manager, said her resolutions are “to be less hard on myself, to live more in the moment and to appreciate the little things that make me happy.”

My resolutions for the year are to get better at scheduling things so I don’t put them off, like working out and doing housework.

This semester has been an eventful one, and we here at The All State are excited for the new year. We hope you’ll continue to rely on us as your source of campus news in the spring semester and beyond.