» By Meaghan malone

Staff Writer

At the end of the spring 2014 semester, President Tim Hall will leave for Dobbs Ferry, N.Y., where he will serve as the president of Mercy College. Hall and his wife, Lee, came to APSU during a budget crisis in 2007 that Hall said resulted in some very bad budget years.

Hall said he was eager to work with the faculty and staff to help students succeed. Hall also said he faced many challenges during his time here, but brought many improvements.

During Hall’s leadership, Tennessee received a $1 million grant from Complete College America with the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation for the use of the Degree Compass program designed by former APSU provost Tristan Denley.

“Hall has a great opportunity and has done a lot of great work here,” said sophomore art major Kayla Melton. “I am upset that he is leaving, and I personally had a class with him and he is very kind, honest and humble. APSU is losing someone great and Mercy College is gaining someone great.”

Hall also played an integral role in bringing APSU national attention when he recently went to Washington, D.C., to testify before Congress about innovation to help students succeed.

“I am upset about it. He’s great,” said Allison Hamilton, sophomore art major. “I hope the next president is as much a friend of the arts as he has been.”

Hall said he chose to leave APSU for Mercy College because he “didn’t think [he] would do a good job working a long time at one place. [He] needed to give someone else a chance to lead APSU, and it seemed to be the right time.”

Hall said he does not think leaving APSU will affect the growth on campus because, according to him, the president does not do the most important things.

Hall said he sees APSU being a larger national model of how a university can help students cross the finish line in 5-10 years. He also sees APSU gaining a national reputation as an institution.

“Campus growth will go down depending on who we get as the next president,” said freshman Alex Short.

“Go the distance,” Hall recently said to students. “Cross the finish line. Earn the degree. Don’t just accumulate college credits and debt. Get a degree.” TAS