Members of the APSU and Clarksville community came together in the Art + Design building’s Heydel Hall to recognize Dr. James Diehr. He was honored with a plaque for his sculpture “The Gateway” which he created in 1986 under the commission of then APSU President, Robert O’Riggs.

APSU also honored Diehr with a reception to celebrate the opening of the Dr. James Diehr Professor Emeritus Display on the Jim and Dottie Mann Wall of Legacy.

Diehr’s works will now live on not only through his sculpture but also his plaque which commemorates his achievements and contributions here at APSU.

“The Gateway” is located on the Browning lawn by the intersection of College Street and North 6th street.

“The Gateway” depicts students at the university in a unique fashion.

Eric Martin at, describes the base of the statue which is cappears as a stack of books as symbolizing a storehouse of knowledge, and the outline of the person as symbolizing students entering APSU to gain their education.

According to Diehr, “The profile bell shape has the dual meaning of representing moments of learning and liberty. [The]crucible shape with a flame suggests learning and insight based on the mix of liberal arts and science education.”

Diehr and his historic statue help to paint a picture of students at APSU  and what one hopes to gain from studying here.