APSU’s online services, including email, OneStop, D2L and WiFi, will be shutting down from 11 p.m. on Wednesday, Nov. 2, until 6 a.m. on Thursday, Nov. 3, to allow for a campus-wide password transition.

Following the downtime, all student passwords will be changed to “ApA(student’s eight-digit A number).” Usernames will remain the same. Students may change their passwords, but they will not expire.

Staff and faculty will not have their passwords or usernames reset. Instead, their OneStop login information will be changed to the same username and password used for their email.

University Communications Specialist Colin Harris said the purpose of the transition is to streamline the university’s online services for students, faculty and staff.

“Not every single service will be immediately covered by this,” Harris said, “but the big ones will … The goal for all of this is to ultimately unify all campus online services under one login and password.”

The decision to change the passwords in the middle of the academic year comes because new students will be starting at the university in January.

“This is the time when they send out credentials to those incoming students,” Harris said. “They wanted them to receive information pertaining to this single login so that there wouldn’t be confusion when they arrive on campus.”

Chief Information Officer and Associate Vice President for Information Technology Judy Molnar said the availability of students, staff and faculty was also a factor.

“The timing [of the change] was chosen [because of] the ability to communicate a major change when most students, faculty and staff are on campus, enrolled in classes and using OneStop,” Molnar said. “[This is also] a week that does not usually have heavy system usage.”

For more information, contact helpdesk@apsu.edu or call 931-221-4357.