On August 23, incoming freshman moved in to the dorms with the help of their families and upperclassmen helpers.

Freshman Autumn Ford, a psychology major, was beaming, evidently excited about moving in. She is most looking forward to the ROTC program, which she admits makes her anxious as well. “It’s a love-hate relationship [with ROTC], but I’m still excited.”

Freshman moving their belongings into the dorms. Photo by Trey Chrystak | The AllState

Many freshmen are looking forward to meeting new people, making new friends, and starting classes. Still, they had plenty to say when asked what worries them about beginning their freshman year.

Engineering technology major Gage Thompson is anxious about being on his own for the first time.

Anna Gilbert, a marketing major, is worried about “getting to [her] classes on time because [she] doesn’t know where they’re at yet.” Freshman psychology major Ersheoni Price says, “[College] is a lot different from high school.”

Vocal Performance major Zachary Shelton was moving in with the help of his sister and father. He is the most anxious about his 8:00 am English classes. His family noted that Shelton is the first in his family to go to college.

Though some freshmen live on campus by necessity, there is still much to enjoy while they are here. Some freshman, including Anna Gilbert and Zachary Shelton, are from outside of Clarksville. This played into their decision to live on campus rather than commute.

When asked why he chose APSU, Shelton says, “I fell in love with the campus.”

Thompson decided on APSU because of its affordability, the classes offered are what he’s looking for, and he says, “The campus here is amazing and fairly close to home.”

The parents of these freshman had some great advice to offer to their children and freshman in general. Much advice pertains to maintaining your studies, but to enjoy the social aspects of college as well.

“Don’t get discouraged. Don’t get caught up in all the wrong crowds… It’s a learning experience.” Price’s mother says.

Something that we should all remember to do from time to time, Thompson’s mother says, “Make sure you call home.”