Most college students are notorious for unhealthy eating habits. A large concern for students may be that they are uneducated about healthy or organic food. However, there are outlets located in Clarksville for APSU students who wish to eat healthier.

The most prominent business in Clarksville that sells healthier alternatives is the Tree of Life Center. The center is the only organic food market in Clarksville.

The center has a variety of healthy and organic foods including farm raised meat and eggs, organic produce, non-perishable items like pastas and all natural seasonings.

“Shopping there isn’t so much about eating healthier,” said communication graduate student Michelina Sparks. “The same foods can be found at Publix. The food sold at The Tree of Life Center is just an easier choice because the products are fair trade, humane, local or all three and you can shop without reading too much into labels.”

This year Clarksville will also be seeing the production of a new grocery store, The Silver Cow which promises to only carry products local to Kentucky and Tennessee. According to The Silver Cow’s Facebook page, “We want to bridge the gaps between small farmers and local businesses directly to local area consumers.”

Local grocery stores such as Publix and Kroger also offer healthier alternatives. Looking for organic foods by carefully reading the labeling and ingredients can help when choosing non-GMO and 100 percent organic food products.

“Before I went vegetarian, I found myself stressed out easier and in a groggy mood because of the foods I ate,” said freshman English major Katya Podkovyroff. “When I was doing research I found so many gross facts about my food and once I became aware of said things, it began to consume me.”

Podkovyroff’ has advice for APSU students who have been feeling similarly and want to make a change in their eating habits.

“Switch from the chicken meal at Chik-Fil-A to the Hummus Veg Out from Einsteins,” Podkovyroff said.

All of these stores offer more than food and produce. Students who are interested in healthier household products like detergents, hair care products and skin care products can find a variety of options along with essential oils and self cleanses.