Who is the best team in the NFL?

Not in terms of record. I’m asking who the SUPERIOR team above the rest is. Any takers?

I’m sure some of you are spitting out answers at your electronic device right now, and it’s quite possible that some feel the same way as others. But I bet everyone reading this would not make an identical opinion as all the others. Seemingly every year in the NFL there is one team which stands out among the rest, where there is little argument to rule them out as the clear-cut Super Bowl favorite.

But this season is different. Sure, there is still separation between the good teams, and the bad — I’m looking at you, Oakland Raiders. However, I can’t recall a time where division races were as close as they are right now.

In half of the divisions, two teams are tied for the top spot. And just look at the AFC North where the top team (Bengals) are separated from the remaining three teams by virtue of a tie. Then there’s the train wreck known as the NFC South. All four teams are under .500, and funny as it may sounds, the Buccaneers could have a chance at winning that division.

There are many under-performing teams this season, and while it hurts to see our teams suffer awful losses — sigh, Broncos — it makes the league fun to watch. It’s just like in any sport. It’s no fun seeing the likes of Alabama Football or whichever team LeBron James is playing for run wild on opponents. As fans of the NFL, we want to see fierce battles where playoff opportunities are on the line, and that is what is happening in front of our eyes.

Back to my question of the best team…By record, it’s the Arizona Cardinals. But do we really think they can keep this pace up once they play Seattle twice and the 49ers again? Can’t label them superior just yet.

I bet the majority of you said the New England Patriots after their win over the Colts on Sunday night. Certainly a smart choice, but games against the Lions, Packers, and Chargers are coming up, then play their divisional rival Dolphins who just so happened to beat the Patriots in Week 1. Certainly a top team, but are they really that much better than everyone else?

There are talented teams still out there who, on a good day, can knock off the Cards or Pats. Look at what Green Bay is doing to people. Scary team, but still in a tie for first in the NFC North. And we all know how the NFC East will unfold, or so we thought. No, it’s not a runaway for the Eagles who are now tied with the Cowboys for first.

At one point, people thought the Colts were the best team in football, but look at them now. A 6-4 record with the Houston Texans slowly creeping up on them. Elsewhere in the AFC, the Broncos are reeling after scoring just seven (sad face) points against the Rams, and are suddenly tied with the Kansas City Chiefs for the top spot out West.

I don’t understand this league, but one thing is for sure. It’s providing storylines, and we should all love that.