With the conclusion of the Skywalker Saga almost one year ago with The Rise of Skywalker, the famous sci-fi franchise, Star Wars, has taken different approaches to media aside from movies.

Although movies have been on a halt while Disney works on their new saga in the franchise, The High Republic, Star Wars continues to expand its canon continuity with different stories and adventures, whether they are in novels, comic books, video games and of course television series. 

Earlier this year, the 2008 CGI Clone Wars series released its final season exclusively on the Disney+ streaming service, giving the series a proper conclusion after its cancellation on Cartoon Network back in 2014. 

With the end of the Clone Wars, Disney+ continues it’s exclusive series market with it’s ongoing series The Mandalorian, which has started its second season on October 30.

Season two continues off from last years season where Din Djaren, also known as The Mandalorian, fought against bounty hunters and remnants of the Galactic Empire while protecting a force sensitive infant belonging to the same species as Yoda, known as The Child in the series and as “Baby Yoda” on the internet.

After defeating Imperial Moff Gideon, the central antagonist of season one, and his Imperial Squad, Djaren and The Child formed a two person clan, with the former acting as the child’s parental figure as they continue their quest to find the one group that could take him in, the Jedi.

Although there have been only three episodes released so far, the series continues to be the space western filled with untapped potential, as each episode delivered a unique storyline connecting to the next as viewers watch the adventure exploring more into Yoda’s unidentified species.

The season is also set to mark the debut live action appearances of Star Wars characters who have appeared in other media aside from movies, with a few characters from said expanded media already making their appearances so far.

New episodes of the season will continue to release on the service every Friday until December 18, with episodes written by the talented works of Jon Favreau, Rick Famuyiwa and Clone Wars’s Dave Filoni.

With new episodes of the season delivering well written storylines, memorable characters and extreme Baby Yoda cuteness, The Mandalorian continues to be the show Star Wars fans are sure to enjoy as a holiday tradition.