» By Linda Sapp


Colleen Darling, Left, Senior Fine Art Major, working in her studio space, Ashley Wallace, right, Senior Fine Art Major, working in her studio space. JESSICA GRAY | STAFF PHOTOGRAPHER

There are newspaper reports covering the Living Gallery as well as Facebook entries and news of the new art events posted in the Trahern building.

Don’t be surprised to see art that looks like a spaceship invading the UC. The news is spreading fast and, Thursday, Sept. 6 was the beginning of something new — a movement that will engage all students in the campus-wide enjoyment of art.

On Thursday, Sept. 6, there was an artist lecture given by Matt Christie and Will Tucker.

“We’ve renovated 2,000 square feet of space,” said Paul Collins, assistant professor and gallery director.

“What if, for a year, we replaced that space with studios?” Instead of still art, Collins “wanted the process of making art by living artists. This gives students the opportunity they never had.”

For art students, they are able to acquire “a studio-centered education, and they can share with other students just where their education is going,” Collins said.

One art student, Dennis Ramon, said, “It’s awesome.” Returning to school after a 10-year position in the printing business, he expressed his admiration, “I find this all very inspirational, and feel that I can share my talent.”

Ramon is systematically using his paintings to tell sequential stories by painting scenes from the Bible. His work, including Angelic scenes, developed from his focus on religious themes.

“I will display a painting called ‘New Jerusalem’ for all who are interested in this genre,” Ramon said.

Collins said he had phenomenal support from the administration. “Even the president of APSU is in a drawing class,” Collins said. “This is a calling to action for students to show art.”

There will be a map next week which will inform students as to the location of the many exhibits on campus. The exhibition program will run throughout campus, and pop-up art will be just outside of Einstein’s.

That art will be displayed soon. Students should look for the new creations which Collins has coordinated.

For more information on the moving art, visit art events here.