Moving is always hard. Moving from one country to another, however long it may be, is a whole other beast to tame. 

APSU offers international students the chance to come and live a Tennessee lifestyle. One student who decided to take the opportunity is Gwendoline Berger.

Berger is from Pithiviers, France, and she attends the University of Orleans.

She is a third-year university student; however, at APSU she would be considered an English major freshman.

She has also been part of another study abroad program in Finland before choosing to come to APSU.

Berger makes note that she is in an “adjustment stage.”

“I’m getting into a routine, getting to know how you live here, like what you do and how you do stuff,” Berger said.

When asked about the differences in French and American education, Berger explains how France schools allow you to choose your major and when she was signing up for APSU’s program she was overwhelmed with the fact that she did have as many choices. 

Berger loves the study abroad program. This explains why she has done it twice. She states that she would love to do it again and recommends it to anyone, “The experience it’s not the same as going on a holiday. You get to live in the cities like a student, it’s really not the same thing as being a tourist.”

Berger does miss France though. She wishes that the U.S had more transportation options and food. “What I miss most about France is the food, not saying I don’t miss my family and friends. I’ve been here for one month, and I’m already done with the food here,” Berger said.

Berger is interested in lots of things. She likes movies, series, movies, shopping and hanging out with friends. “I’m interested in a lot of things. I’m a very curious person.”

She has had a culture shock with how many free things America and even APSU has to offer. “There are free t-shirts, like all the time. I have already maybe six shirts.”

Overall, Berger has enjoyed her time at APSU. She has made plenty of new friends and has experienced many opportunities that she could not have in France. Studying abroad is always an amazing opportunity that everyone should try to do once in their lives.