APSU (10-18, 8-6 OVC) beat Martin in a fierce 5 set game (20-25, 16-25, 25-22, 27-25, 15-9). Also, Tegan Seyring had a career-high 18-kill game with 4 blocks and only as a freshman.

The Govs in the first set were not looking their best and they had a lot of issues with trying to find a rhythm in their offense. Therefore, APSU had seven errors and only 6 kills. Which the Govs have no reason to have that many errors because they are better than that.

Furthermore, UT Martin  (10-18, 6-7 OVC) in the set showed how easy it was to capitalize on APSU’s errors. So, they were able to get seventeen kills and a .238 pct that lead them to win the set. 

These issues that the Govs had in the set are the same problems that I worried about in the previous games. When you don’t clean up little errors that should not be happening it can really hurt your team and affects how other teams start looking at you.

Since the Skyhawks won the first set this gave them the momentum to continue on and punish the Govs in defense and offense in every way.

Now with the second set, APSU did not clean up their issues and had more errors this set than the last one. Allowing the Skyhawks to take another set that could have been avoided if APSU would find their offensive. 

Though APSU fell into a 2-0 deficit they came back in the third set making some big plays and #6 Teagan Serying showing out and dominating the court. In addition, #7 Ginny Gerig had in the third set played some very good defensive helping them take their first set of the game.

This dominance continued into the fourth set the Govs going on a 5-0 run at the start. And even though it wasn’t an easy set, Austin Peay took the set by Ayesha Hood getting the kill to close it.

Then with the fifth set, the Govs went to work on the Skyhawks and just outplayed them. They held the Skyhawks at .190 Pct. and because of this APSU took the set and won the game.

Even though APSU won the game, UT Martin had complete rule over the Govs in the first two sets. That almost led to a three-set game.

UT Martin’s player Logan Wallick led the team with 19 kills and 8 digs. Lucy Kaufman had 18 digs and Justine Walker had 9 blocks.