Staff Writer Ricky Birchfield and Assistant Editor Isabella Morman Photo by Lily Russell

The All State asked around campus to find Govs’ dream first dates and their go-to dating advice. Here are some of the responses.

What would your dream first date be?
Kaley Johannesen: “To go to the Bahamas probably and just have unlimited excursions.”

Kamau Hargrow: “Some sort of festival. Just something outdoors, I know that.”

Alayna Ogle: “I’d go to the aquarium. I love the aquarium. There’s one in Berlin that I thought was really cool.”

Jada Dickerson: “I want to go to Dubai.”

Kaylah Jones: “I would go to a concert. A Drake concert.”

Jamela Wiseman: “I would like to go to Iceland. The Blue Lagoon Lake, I want to see that.”

Do you have any dating advice?

Kaley Johannesen: “Go with your gut. Do whatever you  feel is best. Be honest with each other, and try not to let it affect your mental health.”

Alayna Ogle: “Don’t kill them.”

Wolf Hatmaker: “Love isn’t a black and white area. There’s no correct or right way to love and there’s no wrong way to love so long as it’s healthy and enjoyable for both partners.”

Jada Dickerson: “Don’t cheat. Don’t cheat. Don’t cheat.”

Kaylah jones: “Listen to your partner and communicate well.”

Jamela Wiseman: “Date outside of your type because you never know who you may find.”