The first weeks of classes are over and everyone is beginning to settle into their new college routine. However, not everything is sunshine and rainbows. I know my friends and I have had a few moments of panic despite school just starting. There are many things that each of us have begun to learn about adult and college life, and we have realized that there are bumps along the way.
I admit, while I try to be as cool as a cucumber, I, too, sometimes have moments of anxiety too. It is perfectly normal to be worried that you have made the wrong choice or be afraid of the challenges your major presents you. The best solution if anyone is doubting their chosen interest is for them to take a deep breath and think about why they chose that major. Is it something they enjoy doing? Did it just sound fun? Did they feel pressure to make that choice?

If anyone is worried about their ability to rise up to the challenge of their classes, or whether what they are majoring in is something they truly want to do, then they just need to take a deep breath and communicate with those around them. This can be a trusted friend who may be able to boost their confidence with a pep talk, or it could be with a professor who may be able to help them with that class or connect them with those who will be able to give them aide. If they are worried because they don’t think that they want to do the work for that path, then they can always talk to the members of the Career Services staff who are willing to talk about how to help you get on the right path.

My friends have had other issues with classes that I think some students may find familiar to their own situations. Specifically, I have talked to them about feeling overloaded by classes or forgetting assignments. The solution can be very simple. If anyone feels overwhelmed by activities, clubs or class load, then they need to first take a deep breath.

After they have calmed down, it is important for them to remind themselves that college is an experience, and it should not be one that they remember as a horrible time. They should take the time to put all of their classes and assignments into a planner, so they can see when they may have time to participate in school activities or need some downtime to just be by themselves. Doing this may also help them remember any assignments as it will all be written down in an organized manner, although keeping it up to date is usually the true challenge.
College can be stressful, but students can make it through by staying calm and remembering what resources they have available to them.