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Features Editor


Ninety-eight students, faculty and staff entered the Foy Center’s gym last Wednesday ready to get a good workout. Instead, they got so much more. Dance It Off is a “high intensity cardio class with intervals, two or three minutes of fast pace then average pace for a minute.”

According to Kate Felts, instructor of Dance It Off, “it has a club-like atmosphere, dancing to hip-hop, rap and top 40 music.” It is an hour workout session that begins with a warm-up song and ends with a cool-down and stretch.

During that hour, it is a non-stop workout where a few sips of water are highly recommended between each song. Kate Felts brought this new twist to a workout to APSU two and a half years ago. In the past, Felts has taught at DC Fitness, Lifetime Fitness and the YMCA; however, she prefers a student-based gym more.

“This workout is for the younger population, and I love teaching my peers that I see on campus.”

The fitness course has been met with many positive student reactions since its inception.

“It is so much fun,” said student Kyndee Young. “You don’t even notice that you’   re working out until you’re dripping with sweat. I’ve already lost five pounds since coming here. I plan on attending Dance It Off for the rest of my time here at APSU.” Brooke Langley said, “It’s a great place to get fit and have fun doing so.” When Dance It Off’s began, the average attendance was 20 people per class. Now, it averages 74 people a class.

As a certified group fitness trainer planning to obtain her masters in athletic training, Felts has gained popularity with her peers.

“Kate is the best teacher ever,” said student Christy Richardson. “She pushes me way harder than I would ever push myself.” Other Foy classes taught regularly by Kate are Action Abs and Core and More; however, she can also teach Butts and Guts, 20/20/20 and Power Half Hour. Dance It Off is held every Monday from 6 p.m.-6:50pm and every Wednesday from 5:30 p.m.-6:30pm. Come join Kate and much of APSU as they dance it off.