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No spring break over here

Over the past couple of weeks, I had some cool experiences with friends from back home, I made one of the worst decisions of my life, and I am planning to spend the rest of my semester outside. It sucks I had to see all my friends from home living ...

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Dunkin’ and Starbucks: What Would You Choose?

This past week was a game changer. I tried a new coffee place, I took a hipster/tumbr-esque photo for Instagram, and it there was no blizzard. I am completely forgetting Starbucks and am now pledging allegiance to America’s Coffee, Dunkin’ Donuts. Just kidding, I can never stop loving Starbucks, but Dunkin’ is ...

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Happy Year of the Goat

It unbelievable how busy I have been here in the DMV. I’m starting to warm up to the city, figuratively, of course, because it is still unbelievably cold, and it is supposed to snow again before this week is over. I am completely jealous of everyone going to Florida for ...

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Snowmageddon 2015

So, I hear Tennessee has completely shut down because of the snow. The pictures on Facebook of the empty bread shelves at local Krogers really were a nice touch. Washington, D.C., does not handle snow well, either. I’m not sure why, because they have at least three big snows per ...

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Celeste-3 D.C. Metro-1

This week in Washington, I’ve gotten squished in Metro doors and developed a foolproof distraction game while on the train to work to take my mind off the smell and creepy stares of men. I have also neglected to talk about why I am actually here: my internship. 1: Getting smushed. This ...

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Busboys and Poets

This past weekend I ate at one of the most amazing places I’ve found in Washington, D.C., thus far. I am not really sure how I found, it simply because I refused to take the Metro; the train seems to smell worse with every ride. So I opted for the bus that picks ...

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