Over the past couple of weeks, I had some cool experiences with friends from back home, I made one of the worst decisions of my life, and I am planning to spend the rest of my semester outside.

It sucks I had to see all my friends from home living it up on the beach for spring break, but when you work more than 30 hours a week, spring break becomes irrelevant. So, most of my fun comes on the weekends.

Last weekend, two of my friends were able to make the trek up to my humble abode here in Washington, D.C. Both are from Tenn., and I have basically known them my entire life. Since they were only here for two days, I decided to cram in as much tourist-y D.C. stuff I could think of.

We visited the National Mall, Smithsonians, the Spy Museum and, of course, the largest mall in the area: Pentagon City.

The Smithsonians we visited were some of the best choices: We went to the Museum of African Art, which merged into Asian and Indian Museums, as well. I completely fell in love with some of the the pieces on display. It amazes me how much talent and dedication goes into a piece that would be presented. I also enjoyed it because there were not thousands of children running around, or on leashes screaming at their moms to buy them some overly priced toy in the gift shop.

The next stop on my D.C. tour was the Spy Museum. When I say it is one of the coolest places in D.C., I am not kidding. There are exhibits about undercover celebrities who were spies, tricks and tools spies used and James Bond villains, and you can crawl through the air ducts (my personal fave).

The last thing we did was head over to Pentagon City Mall. After a few failed attempts at getting on the right Metro, we finally made it. The mall is four stories high and has so many stores I lost count. We did not even make it to the the third floor, because Forever 21 took most of our time.

When my friends left, I was pretty sad, because that was one of the few tastes of home I’ve had this semester. I honestly did not want them to leave.

So, you are probably wondering what the worst decision of my life was, right? Well, here it is: I made a Netflix account. *Cues Dramatic Music*

Why is that the worst thing? Because I come home from work to start watching where I left off the day before.

So far, I have binged “American Horror Story: Murder House,” “Asylum” and “Coven” in two weeks. Also, I have watched an array of Disney classics from “Mulan” to “The Aristocats.” Not healthy, I know, but I could not resist the horrifying creepiness of AHS and the childhood memories that came with Disney.

It seems the cold weather is trying to leave, and I am beyond happy.

So, as it warms up, D.C. will come alive, and I plan on taking advantage of any and every opportunity to be outside. The Cherry Blossom Festival is coming up, and I know that will be fun. There will be fireworks, food trucks and live music: three of my favorite things in one festival.

I can taste the funnel cakes now.

I plan on being out every weekend seeing the beauty of the blossoms I generally have to see in pictures, so that will be nice.

There is also a free concert at the National Mall for Earth Day. No Doubt and Fall Out Boy are both going to be in attendance, so you know I have to go. Plus, the most attractive man on this planet will be there too, and his name is Common.

Never have a bald head and beard looked so good.

That is it for now; my time in D.C. is almost over, and I know I shouldn’t be happy, but I am.

I miss my sweet home in Tennessee.