Ashley Thompson | Features Writer

Music brings people of all ages and genders together; it gives them a chance to share in something everyone can understand, like in The Big Sing concert on Tuesday April 11, in the Mabry Concert Hall.

Choirs from around the county and general area joined together in one big choir concert with APSU’s Chamber Singers and choir to perform sets of songs both English and foreign for their audience. The show had a variety of cultures mixed in to the performances and lighthearted songs for the youngest groups performances.

This year’s Big Sing was the fourth annual concert and had the largest number of vocal talent at the shows to date. The show also included a performance by APSU’s Home School Children’s Choir. The children’s choir performed a set of three songs before the choir unions, and were conducted by APSU students Susannah White and Brianna Owen, creating a new, youthful start to the fourth annual show.

“My favorite part was the children’s choir performance. It was really cute and unique to add them into the opening of the show. I think everyone that performed did really well and it was great to watch,” freshman pre-nursing major Olivia Miller said.

The Big Sing was full of choirs from different high schools, including Station Camp and Mt. Juliet High School. The compositions included “Insanae et Vanae Curae,” “Death Is Gonna Lay Its Cold Icy Hands on Me” and added in organ performances by the Rev. Jared Wilson and APSU professor Anne Glass on the piano. Adding tone to “Death Is Gonna Lay Its Cold Icy Hands on Me,” assistant profesor Jeffrey Williams performed a baritone solo.

“We’ve been preparing for this event pretty much all semester. We got the pieces at the beginning of the semester and I think in the end it turned out to be a huge success. There was a lot of work and time put into everyone’s performances,” freshmen art major and choir member Amalia Wills said.

This year’s concert added variety in its performance with younger singers and expanded its cultural scope with pieces from around the globe.

After months of preparation and study, the Big Sing brought these cultures and perspectives together to put on a show for APSU.