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Monday Sports Blog: Van der Merwe’s impact as Athletics Director

First impressions can tell you a lot about an individual. I remember meeting Derek van der Merwe soon after he was named the 12th Athletics director in APSU history. It wasn’t a long conversation, and it might not have dealt with sports, but I could tell from that conversation how ...

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APSU alumnus referees in SEC and Rose Bowl

Most people try to turn whatever their passion is in life into their career. They want to be able to do what they love and get paid to do it. When the passion is sports, making it a career can be difficult. Reaching the collegiate or professional level as an ...

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Lady Govs over winter break

Since the Fall semester ended, the Lady Govs basketball team has played 12 games in that span of time and have gone 5-7. They recently wrapped up a five day, three game homestand that will had implications on their conference record. The Lady Govs went 1-2 in the three game homestand with a ...

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75 Years Later Gehrig Still Remembered

“Yet today, I considered myself the luckiest man on the face of the earth.” You take these words out of the context they were said and ask someone what situation might provoke the uttering of these words and the responses would surely vary. Someone could say a persons wedding day, ...

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Baseball Loses a Legend in Tony Gwynn

What traits truly make a legendary sports athlete? Certain aspects will differ from sport to sport but a lot of the core traits will be the same no matter the sport. The individual has to be dedicated, understanding that there is always room to improve. The individual must have passion, ...

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