Do you stand for what you believe in, or stand for the peer pressure to believe in something? Individuals of every social class are asked to put their views on political issues out and into the public eye. Too many celebrities are scrutinized for the sole act of not sharing this part of their life through their career.

Celebrities, whether they be musicians, actors or models, are in the media for entertainment purposes and should not be held responsible for acting upon the recent issues that fall back to social and political awareness in the modern day.

Musicians that placed political views into their songs  include but are not limited to The Kinks, Green Day, Kid Rock and Pink Floyd. Although these artists made the decision to speak out, it does not mean they should set the standard of music and songs for all time to come.

Musician Taylor Swift is caught red-handed in an identity crisis with her newly-cleaned Instagram and her vocal change in the recently released single “Look What You Made Me Do.” The song is a fun, upbeat hit, yet it is receiving hate for more than the content she let out.

Taylor is shamed on media sites for the lack of political debate in her latest music because she is thought to be one of the most heavily influential artists today. Although she has a sizable fan-base she should not be deemed an expert on the political problems that stem from our societal views that must be heard.

For generations artists have used their music to share views that they feel passionate about, but they should not be held responsible for making their vocal careers closely related to the political world. With political issues on a rise with troops getting sent back overseas and racist slurs being made nationwide,  we cannot expect all celebrities to find the need to speak on other people’s behalves.

Asking an artist to share their views on political matters in their work is like asking a politician to reference music; their music taste is free for them to share, but they do not need quotes from their favorite artists in all of their political speeches.

This does not mean artists should not be allowed to share the political opinions that are close to them. Many celebrities understand their media presence and use it to help build a backing for their chosen causes.

Modern songs  have the ability to be outstanding without holding true meaning in the face of real-world problems. Artists for years have been able to have long-lasting careers without the influence of politics. As a nation we will continue enjoying and loving all kinds of music that are created.