When TheGovSays was around it was easy to keep a schedule. Emails would appear early in the morning, I would look at them, and then know what the events and news for campus was.

However, that is not the case anymore.

The convenience of TheGovSays has been stripped away, and replaced with a weekly campus update called “Top Hat.”

The problem with Top Hat is I get one email that is supposed to hold a week’s worth of news for something as busy as a college campus.

The information given out in Top Hat is incomplete compared to what the TheGovSays offered. With TheGovSays I would get information about nine to 12 events at a time.

With Top Hat I am informed on around six events for the upcoming week. This is a severe lack of information compared to the past.

Also, Top Hat comes out on Wednesday. I would have to reference a week-old email to see what is happening on a Tuesday night, if the events were lucky enough to make the cut.

However, Top Hat disappoints in more then just the content. While the interface of TheGovsSays was not anything very complicated or special, it was easy to read and comprehend. The interface for the Top Hat is cluttered and convoluted. It is hard to read, looks outdated and is flooded with links.

While Top Hat introduces a plethora of new items, from quotes of the week to higher use of images, it does not fill the void of missed information. The design looks like it is trying to create something out of nothing. It is vaster than TheGovSays, but the information is less pertinent to an APSU student. It is great to see quotes from student athletes about their accomplishments, but it does not help the average APSU student understand what is going on this week.

One of the features that Top Hat has is the option to unsubscribe. TheGovSays can just as easily have that option. Just let the student make the decision.

Top Hat tries new things, and worked to reach the audience in a different manner than TheGovsSays did. It is understandable to try something new, but when that something does not satisfy in the way the original did you should change back.

Top Hat works as a press release for the school, in a way. It is great that all of this is happening for the school, but it does not have to take the place of news of important events. Top Hat can exist on its own, but it should not replace daily updates from the TheGovSays which many students live by.