» by Emily DeSpain

Staff Writer

What do you do after you win the title of Miss Tennessee? Write a book of course.

Senior Jordan Davis one day and decided she wanted to become something bigger than herself.

After four pageants, winning the crown and staying up night after night writing about what happens after love is lost, Davis is living a life of fairy tales.

“If you had told me my life would be like this four years ago, I would have laughed at you,” Davis said. I was just so tired of

seeing women treated and being treated the way I was. So, I decided I wanted to be Miss Tennessee and make people listen to me. And I wanted to write a book. So I did.”

Her book “Letters to my Beloved” debuting this month, is a collection of letters a girl writes to her love hoping that one day he’ll change his mind and come back to her after he suddenly ends their relationship.

“It was the wrong time, the wrong breakup; it was so bad I had to write about it. I wanted to show women that there is a rise after a fall. You get back up. Not like it’s a hardcore feminist book by any means, but it’s a book for women to be reminded that they’re strong.”

Davis is a communications major, advocate for Love is Respect and Grades, Dreams, and Goals, and her book is connected with Reading for the Cure. 

“My next goals are Miss USA and the New York Times bestseller list,” Davis said.  Whether it’s the next book or four more, I don’t care. I’m going to keep going.” TAS