APSU’s Lot 7, now split between faculty and student parking. Photo by Ralph Acosta. | THE ALL STATE

It’s no secret to Austin Peay State University students that parking is a controversial topic at this institution.  Peers from across campus have expressed their opinions about the number of on-campus parking lots offered by the university.  

Lots 6 and 7 are the only two parking lots in the center of campus. Of the two, lot 7 is now split between faculty and student, making even less spots available to commuters.  

It is apparent that many students have a concern about the parking situation, but how do the faculty feel? Is this a real issue or another one of the many complaints made by students?  

Dr. William Glunt of the mathematics department expressed his opinion on the matter.  

Glunt is fortunate enough to be an early riser, so finding a parking spot is not an issue for him. He does have a problem with there being no faculty lots close to the math building however, which is where his office is located. Dr. Glunt also acknowledged that parking on campus is an issue for many of his fellow co-workers who do not have the privilege of arriving as early as him.  

On the other side of campus Professor Michael Bednarczuk of the Political Science department offered a similar view on the situation.  

“I get here too early to say” he shared.  

Dr. Eugene Donev, a professor of Physics, Astronomy and Enginering here at APSU, had something else to say regarding parking.  

He shared his concern with the confusion surrounding lot 7B. Dr. Donev believes the parking concern began after lot 7 transformed from a full commuter lot into both commuter and faculty. 

“I think there’s just not enough parking for students – that’s the problem,” said the professor. He went on to share his concern about the lack of faculty parking spots too.  

He shared that select faculty with mobility issues sometimes suffer to find a parking spot that is less than a 15-minute walk.  

Dr. Donev also expressed frustration at the constant lot closures surrounding various campus events. “I think they need to designate lots for faculty and student parking and not open them up to events.” 

Whether parking is a frivolous issue or a campus wide complaint, almost everyone here on campus has something to say about the matter.