Using tools like vision boards to represent your goals can be helpful ways to stay on track. Graphic provided by The All State. | THE ALL STATE

Staying on top of your academic tasks and staying motivated can be challenging as the midterm approaches. If you’re curious about vision boards and their benefits, then you’re in the right place!

What is a vision board?

So, what even is a vision board? A vision board is a collage of images meant to represent your ideal future. Instead of just a list of goals to check off, vision boards are intended for you to get a little more creative. The images you include should represent aspirations, dreams, and desires. For example, if you want to start going to the gym, you might include a drawing of a weight or a photo of someone working out. 

What are the benefits?

The benefits of creating a vision board can vary from person to person. Some use them simply to visualize their goals, while others use them more for manifestation. Either way, there is something in it for everyone. Here are just a couple.

Providing motivation

Taking your goals from a boring checklist to a visually interesting poster can help keep you motivated. When you are constantly faced with the images of what your future could look like, it is more likely you will stay motivated in your pursuit. 

Clarifying goals

It can be hard to determine what you want your future to be like or what is most important for you to get done. By visualizing it you can become more clear on what you want. Vision boards allow you to determine exactly what your goals are for the upcoming month, semester, or even year. Laying it all out can help ensure you achieve everything you want to.

Boosting creativity

Simply creating a vision board is an act of creativity in which you create a piece of art unique to you. Getting your creative juices flowing before a long semester can help you tackle the obstacles that may arise. Plus, your classes are bound to provide you with projects that require creative thinking. It’s always beneficial to think outside the box!

Getting productive

Getting back into the swing of things after the holidays often feels like a Herculean task. Completing a project like a vision board helps you to get back into a productive and hard-working mindset after a long break. Otherwise, you might face a harsh transition that causes your grades to suffer. 

Increasing success

The act of visualizing your goals is known to increase your chances of success. Whether this be in sports, work or school, visualization is a simple yet valuable tool to ensure your success. This is because it lowers your fear of taking the necessary risks to reach your goal. Seeing yourself in your dream situation also makes your goal seem more attainable instead of just an outlandish dream.

How can I try making one?

Overall, vision boards can be used positively in several different ways. They are known to increase motivation, boost productivity and increase your likelihood of success. Hopefully, you’re now equipped with enough knowledge to make one on your own!