Parking on campus has experienced some adjustments for the 2017-18 school year. The parking committee discussed many issues last school year and recommended changes to improve campus parking. These recommendations were accepted and the changes took effect on Aug. 21.

APSU will no longer paint curbs to designate parking zones. Parking zones are designated by signs at the entrance to parking areas and are color coded to match parking decals. The exception to this will be the blue painted curbs for ADA accessible parking spaces. Physical Plant will be removing curb paint. This project will take some time to complete.

Many of the parking areas on campus have been rezoned in recent years to accommodate the growing APSU community.

The angled spaces on Govs Lane that had previously been zoned for employees have been re-zoned to residential parking. These spaces will require a silver permit.

The reserved customer parking spaces in Lot 55 located between McReynolds and Ellington have been removed. The loading and unloading spaces in Lot 45, which is the Marks Lot, have been removed. These spaces have all been re-zoned to employee and will require a red permit

The spaces in Lot 6 behind the Foy Fitness Center that had previously been zoned for employees have been re-zoned to commuter parking. These spaces will require a green permit.

Three spaces on Marion Street in front of the Foy Fitness Center have been removed to create a new Peay Pickup stop.

As a reminder overflow parking, which is color-coded black, is open to any valid APSU parking permit.

There is ample parking on campus to accommodate everybody that comes to campus. There are also the former Jenkins and Wynne properties, “Michael Kasitz, APSU Police Chief, said.

Parking in commuter and faculty parking lots is open to any parking permit after 4:00 p.m. until 7:00 a.m. Residential parking lots, color coded silver, are enforced 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

The Peay Pickup, the campus bus service, has changed for this academic year.  The large trolley has been replaced by two smaller shuttle buses that will be running on two separate routes.

“We added a bus route this year. We took one bus route and split it on two to better serve our students, faculty and staff to get them from the outer areas into campus,” Kasitz commented.

One will run the north route and the other will run the south route.  The shuttle will operate Monday through Friday from 7:30 a.m. until 7:00 p.m.  The Peay Pickup will not run on days the university is closed.

There are many Peay Pickup bus stops around campus. They are designated by signs reading Trolley Stop. The Peay Pickup can also be flagged down anywhere on its route.

You will need a Peay Pickup pass to ride the Peay Pickup. This is available from the Department of Public Safety.  The Peay Pickup pass is a detachable card on the bottom of your parking permit.  This pass will allow you to ride Clarksville Transit System buses for free on any of the system’s routes.  You will need your APSU identification card and the Peay Pickup pass in order to ride CTS buses. Peay Pickup passes are non-transferrable.

Parking permits and Peay Pickup passes are available for pickup in the Shasteen Building, located directly behind the football stadium.