Austin Peay (8-17, 6-5 OVC) beats Eastern Illinois (2-21, 1-10 OVC) with 4 very close sets (25-18, 25-21, 20-25, 25-22). Chloe Stitt was the noticeable player of the game with a 14-kill night for the Govs.

APSU in the first set had a hard time trying to gain a led against EIU because the Govs were making errors and mistakes that could have potentially cost them set. Then after a couple of minutes, APSU started to pick up the pace and gain a 6-0 run but this didn’t stop Eastern Illinois from scoring the next 8 points to close the gap against the Govs.

The Gov’s, after EIU went on that run, started to fix some of the problems they were making essentially ending the set 25-14.

Start of the second set APSU continued to make the same mistake that they were in the first set. The little things like communicating and just letting people know who is going for the ball is a key thing in volleyball that Govs did not really show like they usually do.

With the Gov’s not doing their jobs, EIU was able to hold lead against them. 

Luckily the errors the Govs were making did not stop them from tying the score back up. 

For the rest of the set, both teams were going back and forth scoring and eventually APSU gained a small lead securing the set with a 2-0 lead.

Then the start of the third is where EIU stepped on the gas and went to work and constantly putting pressure on the Govs. APSU continued to show bad habits that EIU exploited and served them six aces.

Though APSU tied the score during the set at 16-16, EIU went on a 9-4 run taking the set.

Even though APSU lost the previous set this didn’t stop #10 Jenna Panning from getting six kills in the set.

The score was tied 21-21, so APSU saw this and picked up the pace, even more, running EIU out the stadium and ending the set 25-22. In addition to APSU winning the match, they have to clean up their play and be more disciplined so they can win more efficiently.

Even though APSU came out with the win they still have more games and more teams beat so they can become the number one team. 

The next few games are very important for the volleyball team because they are tied in fifth place in the OVC. Every game is going to be a must-win for the Govs.

The next upcoming game is Nov. 7 at 6:00 p.m. against Southeast Missouri.