On top of COVID-19, Mother Nature only made matters more difficult, especially in the South, which got a rude Easter gift. In light of not-so-egg-cellent Easter, we tallied two EF-4 tornadoes that day and we also saw one of the widest tornadoes on the record: the Bassfield-Soso EF-4.

At 2.25 mile wide at maximum, it ranked third widest tornado behind Hallam, Nebraska in 2004 (2.5 mile) and El Reno, Oklahoma in 2013 (2.6 mile). That was one massive twister! Also, it became the widest tornado in Mississippi and took the crown from 2010 Yazoo, MS EF-4 according to survey report by National Weather Service office in Jackson, MS.

Mind this that Yazoo tornado was 1.75 mile wide. Unfortunately, eight lives were lost in the tornado despite tracking through a rural area. Standing at 190 mph EF-4, the tornado caused incredible and horrifying damage to few homes that were unlucky enough to be hit in the 68 miles long path.

Putting Bassfield tornado aside, the South saw additional tornadoes on Easter and earlier this week. They have a long road to recovery after all these tornadoes. I hope everyone can get back on their feet.

Lastly, we have seen a fair amount of wild weather throughout the academic year from Hurricane Dorian in a logjam to a nocturnal supercell that trekked the long way across Tennessee while dropping tornadoes.

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To wrap this up, I hope everyone has good luck with their finals since this will be last article for academic year. Enjoy this cute photo.

*Featured Image: GOES-East over Southeast very early morning of April 23. Image credit for featured image goes to College of DuPage (COD).