Dr. Amy Thompson, professor, and chair of the department of biology gave a presentation on “Self-Care for Great Leaders” for the Young Women’s Leadership Symposium. Chalise Miller

On Friday, many students and staff gathered for the annual Young Women’s Leadership Symposium.

What these young scholars did not realize was that this event was not about politics but about taking care of their individual selves as they navigated working in leadership roles.

One of the guest speakers was Jasmin Linares who is Latina and a veteran herself. She serves as director of the Newton Military Resource Center.

 “Women, especially minority women, have a different experience being in leadership roles, and I had to work really hard, especially learning discipline and pushing myself to learn how to be better and faster,” said Linares.

Audience members had the opportunity to engage in many different workshops and panels as guest speakers spoke of their own experiences.

These panels offered a variety of resources and information that would help women understand their experiences as women and as human beings; including a workshop to understand the symptoms of stress and the techniques to alleviate this stress.

The audience was also able to learn how to advocate for women’s working rights as well as mentoring programs for women seeking professional careers.

Dr. Christina Hicks-Goldston, a professor and graduate coordinator in the department of communication, said, “It is important for women to know their work rights, seek training and developmental opportunities, and look for mentors in their profession.”

Women should not be scared to share their knowledge; ultimately the message of the symposium was that you, yourself could help train the next female leader.