After going on a global tour of the countries that made his clothes, Kelsey Timmerman published his book, Where Am I Wearing.

In his book, Timmerman discusses the gap between producer and consumer on a global scale. A gap that creates a misunderstanding of what life is really like for those that make the clothes Americans wear.

“We should not be ashamed that our clothes were made by children so much as ashamed that we live in a world where child labor is often necessary for survival,” Timmerman writes, explaining one of his many realizations while on his trek across the globe.

According to Timmerman, his journey began accidentally.

“It was really a random act of travel, I was not looking to go to the garment factory, I just wanted to have adventures,” Timmerman said about his first visit to the garment factory that made his favorite shirt. “After meeting someone who potentially made my shirt, I became obsessed with where my other clothes came from and I got this idea to go visit these places.”

Timmerman did not set out to write a book either.

“It was the people that I met that really got me interested in being engaged in the research I ended up doing on each country,” Timmerman said.

Timmerman has since then published a second book titled: Where Am I Eating?, and cofounded The Facing Project. His organization pairs up people from across the globe, allowing for interactions that may not have otherwise existed, the goal is to form a strengthened community.

“I want students to care,” Timmerman said. “I want them to know that we are connected to people, the people who provide us with the tangible things we treasure, and yet they hardly ever cross our minds”.

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