What is a total solar eclipse?

A solar eclipse is when the moon partially blocks the sun from shining on earth. There are many eclipses but this one is special because the moon will completely block out the sun making midday look like night time. The path of the eclipse will stretch from Washington state to South Carolina.

How long will the eclipse last?

The times vary by location. According to timeanddate.com Hopkinsville, Kentucky will receive two minutes and 40 seconds and Clarksville, Tennessee will receive two minutes and 20 seconds. Nashville will experience part of the eclipse as well with one minute and 54 seconds.

When will the eclipse get to Clarksville?

The length of the eclipse will be two hours, 55 minutes with totality beginning at 1:26 p.m.

How dark will it get?

The total eclipse will make it seem like night time during the day. It will gradually get darker over time.

How and why do I protect my eyes during the eclipse?

APSU Student Government Association and Del Square Psi ordered 2,000 glasses to give away to students wishing to watch the eclipse. Watching the eclipse with regular sunglasses or no glasses at all will result in retinal damage caused by the combination of visible light and UV and infrared rays.
So grab your glasses, Govs.
For more information, please visit, http://www.apsu.edu/eclipse/