» By TIFFANY COMER – tcomer@my.apsu.edu

Leap years only occur once every four years, so what better way to spend it than to “Leap into Wellness.” On Wednesday, Feb. 29, the Foy

Fitness and Recreation Center held its 12th annual Wellness Expo. The expo consisted of 58 vendors from all over Clarksville. The majority of vendors were sent an invitation to join the event and the vendors were from on and off campus.

There were booths that touched all aspects of wellness, from the calming fragrances of Scentsy, to the healthy benefits of Passion Party products, to receiving help from churches.

The expo was a high-energy experience for attendees to dive into information on health, fitness and overall wellness. There was a lot of information to gather from every vendor, and they were all willing to answer any questions.

The expo even included a small briefing on staying calm during a tornado warning, as students crowded into locker rooms and racquetball courts while sirens sounded in the distance.

Vendors offered tons of freebies such as spinal scans, massages, mugs, pens and bags. Participants also received free T-shirts and had their names placed into a drawing for visiting at least 10 vendors.

Vendors such as Candice Waite and Bethany McCaslin, who work with Clarksville Parks and Recreation, were “glad to take part in the event” and hoped the information they have to share will reach out to students so they can better themselves mentally and physically. Their booth was centered around local free-walking trails and the local aquatics center.

Another popular vendor was the Student Counseling Services, which is in Ellington room 202. They offer four counselors to help students through various problems, from harsh breakups to suicidal thoughts.

Despite the day’s severe weather, the expo was filled with students. Many of the students who attended, such as Emily Bull. Bull and her friend Jillian Osborn said they originally attended the event because they heard there would be free stuff.

They also said their favorite vendors were the Pure Romance booth, and the Chiropractic booth offering the free spinal screenings.

Some highlights of the event included students spontaneously dancing to songs from “Footloose,” and the “Dance it Out!” group demonstrating what a typical workout for their class is like. Both of these performances consisted of students of all shapes and sizes, showing that literally anyone can participate in these activities and help better themselves physically. TAS