As an entertainer there is no more prestigious award than winning an EGOT (Emmy, Grammy, Oscar and Tony). This is renowned as the highest honors in the entertainment industry. John Legend has joined that elite faction and has become the 13 person to do so. John Legend born, John Stephens,  on Dec. 28, 1978 won an Emmy at age 39 making him the youngest winner and the only African American to snag such a trophy.
John Legend the musician has won 10 Grammy awards and has had just short of 30 nominations over the course of his career. The musician won his first three awards on R&B’s Get Lifted. He also won best new artist as well as best male vocal artist. Legend won his last Grammy in a collaboration with musician, Common, for the best song written for visual media. As a musician, Legend has made so many strides and opened so many doors for people of color. He has also made quite the name for himself in the movie industry.
John Legend cooperating with Common once again won an award most actors seek their entire career. Winning an Oscar for his song “Glory” solidified his spot as a top entertainer. John Legend has proved himself to be as talented in the music industry as in the movie business. Earning an Oscar in 2015 only added to his drive and momentum as he would go on to win a Tony 2 years later.
The play, “Jitney”, won Legend a Tony in 2017. He co-produced “Jitney” which won the award for best play revival. These 3 awards prove that he not only is one of the best artists broadly across the entertainment field. It is also important to note that Legend won this award for his talent as a producer and not as a musician. Legend has showed that he has so much more to offer the world than just good music; he also has artistic vision.
The crowned jewel in John Legend’s profession would have to be the Emmy that he won this year completing his EGOT status. He finally completed his EGOT status when he won the outstanding variety special reward (live) as a producer for the production, “Jesus Christ Superstar Live in Concert.” While Legend’s win is a remarkable personal statement it is also a very proud moment for African American people.
John Legend winning this has also been comprehended as a very large step for the African Americans. Legend being the youngest person to win and being African American is a beacon of hope to all those who are in the entertainment business. If John can do it, maybe another young hopeful can as well.