The Governor was named the 2024 UCA Open Division Mascot Champion at the 2024 UCA & UDA Championship at the Walt Disney Resort on Saturday. Photo: @theaustinpeaygov | Instagram

The Austin Peay State University and Clarksville community knows he’s the best Governor in all the land, but now the nation knows as well as our very own Austin Peay State University Governor took home the title of the 2024 UCA Open Division Mascot Champion at Walt Disney World Resort on Saturday.

“It’s an unbelievable feeling to be a national champion,” said The Governor. “I am overwhelmed with emotion and gratitude to Austin Peay and the amazing community of Clarksville”.

 You can always count on The Governor to be at every sporting event with a high five and his amazing dance moves to keep the crowd going. The UCA & UDA Championship was a chance for the Austin Peay and Clarksville community to show him the same energy that he gives us, and he felt that over the weekend as he said that it was an honor for him to perform not just for everyone at Disney, but for everyone back home.

“I am so happy to see everyone soon to celebrate this incredible achievement in Austin Peay history.”

The UCA & UDA College Nationals was held at Disney from January 12-14. It’s an opportunity for all cheer and dance teams across the nation to come together and cheer each other on for multiple titles and awards. Our Gov, along with the APSU cheer and dance team had the opportunity to compete over the weekend. 

The APSU cheer team ranked eighth in the semi-final in the Small Coed Division I division with a raw score of 79.3 and an event score of 76.3. The dance team ranked 15th in the Division I- Hip Hop semi-finals category with a raw score of 80.2833 and an event score of 76.4603. The dance team also rank 15th in the Division I- Game Day (Dance) semi-final category with a raw and event score of 83.5.