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Potholes continue to spook drivers

The weather is changing which brings us into the pothole formation season. Rain, sleet and snow frequently wash out areas of roads and poses threats to drivers. The stress of cars across the pavement loosens the cement, causing it to crack and crumble. Damages to vehicles can include blown tires, ...

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President Obama not serious about change, Republicans say following State of Union

WASHINGTON — President Barack Obama said it’s time to turn the page after years of economic hardship at home and wars overseas. But Republicans in charge of Congress say the voters already took care of that last November — and they’re the proof. “Much of what he did tonight … new ...

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Tax season for APSU

» By Meaghan Malone Staff Writer The 2013 tax season has arrived, and for many students, this means filling out tax returns, applying for federal financial aid and waiting for tax returns to arrive. Many students eagerly await the 2013 tax season because they receive money that helps pay expenses ...

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A student’s guide to filing their taxes

» By Diona Gardner Staff Writer Are you filing your own taxes this year? Do you feel overwhelmed and lost? The deadline to file a federal income tax return is Monday, April 15. According to the IRS, nearly 100 million taxpayers opted last year for the safest, fastest and easiest ...

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Romney addresses national debt

» GARY GOLDBERG APSU COLLEGE REPUBLICANS POLITICAL DIRECTOR Guest Writer With the 2012 presidential election only a matter of weeks away, people have asked me, “why should the APSU community vote for the Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney?” I believe there are a number of reasons that one could point ...

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First debate: little substance, Big Bird

–psparn@my.apsu.edu If you missed the first presidential debate last week, all you need to know is Big Bird won and lost, depending on your political views. According to many polls and political pundits, former Mass. Gov. Mitt Romney actually won the debate, but neither candidate seemed to bring anything new ...

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